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PayPal Targets Electronic Publishers and Authors

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

PayPal has been freezing the merchant accounts of Electronic Publishers, Authors and Book Distributors that sell erotica, erotic romance, romance and erotic SF/F e-books.

Their supposed reason is that these businesses and individuals have violated their “Adult content” law. These businesses were made aware of this previous to this action and complied with the instructions PayPal sent to them, even if they were extreme, were okayed by PayPal and they thought that there would be no further problem. Unfortunately this wasn’t the end of it, and these businesses suddenly found themselves frozen out of their Merchant Accounts and unable to access their money in any way. Some of the accounts that were frozen had nothing to do with the payment processing these businesses used on their catalog pages, but accounts that were soley used to pay authors.

It wasn’t long after this that owners of these businesses found their personal accounts frozen.

I have heard reports that PayPal has now frozen accounts of E-Book authors as well.

This month, PayPal has targetted, a primary distributor of Electronic Books for several publishers including the one I am contracted with, giving them three days to comply with their orders.

I have sent PayPal a letter explaining how I personally feel about what I view as Censorship and Discrimination against E-Book Authors and Publishers, closed my account and have set up an anonymous website offering some small help for Publishers, Authors and Readers looking for alternatives to PayPal.

I just wanted to tell you about this, because it has personally affected several wonderful people who have been very kind to me, a new e-book author, and several wonderful sites that not only give new authors a real chance to be recognized but enable readers to buy what they love.

I suspect that PayPal thinks Electronic Publishers and Authors can be intimidated by their deplorable actions and that they aren’t brave enough to say what they think. I am attempting to prove them wrong.

Several people are worried that PayPal could shut them down or drive them out of business. I don’t really see that happening, but I am concerned that this might hurt some of the smaller presses that are still trying to get started.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to let you know what is going on.

An E-Book Author.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:36 am

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2 thoughts on “PayPal Targets Electronic Publishers and Authors
  1. K5 on

    Paypal thinks they can intimidate anyone. I am working on a petition within my small business community to stop this type of behavior entirely. Paypal has become nothing but a bully and it must stop. They really pushed my button on a number of bans which included the resale of tickets. That’s how I make a great deal of side cash, I purchase large quantities of event tickets and resale them, they shut me down, that was my last straw with them.

  2. NandosKidzInc on

    PayPal will have to change their policies when it comes to eBooks sooner than later. I use to publish years ago and it was a fiasco getting a company to review and agree to print. Now-a-days it’s very simple to get your content put out in cyberspace, and it’s at the click of a button that people of all ages, creeds, and so forth can purchase the material. They will have to adopt a more open policy because times are changing. We no longer go to the library; we now download stuff to our ipads and kindle’s