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PayPal terms of service

I listed a laptop on ebay and opened a paypal account to simplify payment for potential buyers if they preferred paypal. As it turned out, someone bought the laptop; they paid paypal and I shipped the laptop.

But paypal would NOT forward the money to me until and unless I provided a credit card as part of my paypal account. I had no intention of ever using paypal to buy something and did not want paypal to have my CC number floating in the cloud forever after. But they absolutely refused, even after repeated emails and a phone call.

Fortunately, newer technology gave me an out. I used a credit card that provides “single use” CC numbers for web purchases. I gave paypal the “single use” CC number, they sent me a check and I’ve NEVER USED PAYPAL SINCE. For something unique or special I have, on occasion, contacted the seller and arranged an alternative payment to buy the product but avoid using paypal. It is just not worth the hassle the put you through.

Posted: July 8, 2013 at 7:13 pm

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One thought on “PayPal terms of service
  1. Hayden on

    It sounds like you brought all the hassle upon yourself by not providing your credit card number. PayPal requires a credit card number as part of an account because it needs to have some assurance that you are not an identity thief or a scammer. This is a basic security measure that protects you from having your identity stolen.