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PayPal Is Terrible

By Kristine and Mike

First I have to say paypal is TERRIBLE! My husband had account before he went to Iraq (hes military) They put it on limited access in june ( he was gone mind you) and of course they would just send emails asking for proof, I faxed in everything for him. and NOTHING. It is now Oct and they will still not release his money in there. My personal account has now been “marked” limited because they are tying his account to mine. We are military and they are moving us, and we need the money to move, but they wont realease our funds in his nor my account. I feel like Im running up against a wall.. After all this is OUR money and they wont give it to us. I dont know how to get it out or what else they want from me – my blood? DNA to prove its me??? This is crazy and I hope they get it!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:42 am

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