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Paypal thieves

I was an ebay buyer & seller for years [nothing big, just personal stuff]. I then began to think recently I would open up a little store on ebay. So I did my homework through ebay and followed their suggested route. I already had a paypal account so that was done. I also had a perfect 100%rating through ebay and I thought through paypal.

I spent hundreds of dollars, not to mention hundreds of hours, getting setup through different suppliers and wholesalers so I would not have to buy, have it shipped to me, and find room to store everything, they did all that for me.

I then began to list my products on ebay. Sure enough I sold my first item a short time later. The money was in my paypal account and I sent it to the supplier who readied the item and sent it to the buyer. Alls well right?

The next morning I received an email from paypal informing me that ALL future funds would be held until either I received a positive feedback rating or they had proof of delivery before releasing the funds.
Before I could call them and inquire wtf was going on I received a notice from ebay that another item had sold and been paid for. So I checked paypal and sure enough there was [ MY?] money. And yes it had a hold on it!!! Interestingly enough THEIR FEE was taken out!!! They got their money, but OH NO, not little ol me. So I called them. Took an enormous amount of time to get to the number to actually talk to a human [At least I think they were hunan?]. They could not or would not understand what I was complaining about. Gave me some song and dance about what I was selling was “DIFFERENT” than what I normally sell…HUH? They agreed that I met THEIR criteria for a non hold of payments to me BUT since it was “DIFFERENT” than what I had been selling they would have to HOLD the funds!! When I explained I could not ship the product, or get the necessary response for them to release the funds because I could not purchase the item without the funds being available to me she said, and I quote: “You will have to FRONT the money yourself”…..REALLY? You want me to buy someone else a present and pay for it with my money?

NO where when I was researching on ebay or my previous dealings with paypal did ANYONE mention ” Oh, by the way, you will have to front the money for the buyer for items you sell to them”.

So today I have done everything I can to get out of any dealings with ebay and paypal. However it isn’t easy. Ebay won’t let you leave for 30 days and since I transferred all the remaining funds to my bank account and returned the “Held” funds and cancelled their orders. I also cancelled every listing and every supplier…all I could do to get away from these crooks!

I also lost a fair amount of money to the suppliers [through NO fault of their own] for subscription fees plus having to call and cancel all of them. What a freeking mess!! Thanks paypal, thanks ebay…NOT!

You’ve been warned!

Posted: June 6, 2012 at 3:12 pm

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3 thoughts on “Paypal thieves
  1. Jose on

    Anyway you slice it PayPal is thieves, crooks, fraudsters! Oddly enough they get away with taking peoples money and nothing seems to be done about it! Oh yeah, they hold your cash then send you on the tortuous road to “PayPal customer service”….a freaking mess, headache and blood pressure raiser. Those customer service people…..once you finally get ahold of them offer NO help at all. Hate to hear what they did to you dude but on a brighter side you can look into a merchant account (which you can use on eBay or your own site) . A merchant account is by far better than Paypal.

  2. Daisy Martinez on

    Using ebay and paypal has become a nightmere. I’m waiting for the next best thing to arrive. I know there has to be another ingenious company out there somewhere that will compete with paypal. Give us some options people!

  3. reginald breydin on

    i been ripped of by paypal there hard core thieves there using my prepaycard like its there own personal card and account there helping there self to my money the scumbags