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Paypal is threatening me with 180 day hold

I recently started doing business accepting PayPal as payment, because it was apparently easier for them. After just 3 payments were sent by a customer, coming to $520.00, they froze my account. I then got a message when ever I checked my account. They were asking me about my “business”. Stating they wanted to know from where I got my “product”, to where it shipped from. That is literally all it said.

So now after conversing with someone via their FB page (I couldn’t reach anyone via telephone), I was told I needed to send them all sorts of ID. When I asked them why, they basically told me its because they said so. Not even joking there.

Anyway, they have my SS# already. I sent them a bill, and also explained my last 8 purchases, in writing. Which I dont get. The last 8 purchases were on eBay. And did not exceed $60.00 total.

So here I am. They are telling me that if I do not jump through hoops, my money will be held for 180 days. All I want is my money. There have been NO chargebacks, no complaints by anyone but PayPal.

Posted: August 20, 2013 at 6:43 pm

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