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PayPal told me to think of them holding my money as a “Savings account

I signed up with paypal, and put some money on the account to buy things online without having to use a credit card. I made one transaction and they deemed it high risk. All I was doing was purchasing a few things from They have now closed my account and have my money on hold for the next 180 days, because this transaction “seemed” fraudulant! I called them and verified that I made the transaction. They then wanted my social security number and my drivers liscense to open the account. I did this and then they decided to tell me I could no longer access my account and that the $300 they have in my account could not be used or withdrawn. I filed an appeal and it was denied within 30 min of me starting it. They gave me no chance at all. I told them all I wanted to do was get my money back because I needed it. They then told me to wait the half of a year and think of it as a savings account. That “I just saved $300 using Paypal!” What bull crap. Why would any customer support agent tell a customer that?!?!?! Needless to say, I am trying to get my money!

Posted: September 10, 2012 at 4:50 pm

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One thought on “PayPal told me to think of them holding my money as a “Savings account
  1. LP on

    Really paypal?? I can’t believe someone at paypal actually said that to you. Just goes to show how they insist on only hiring morons. If you wanted a savings account you would open one not go around hoping for someone to take your money like paypal did. That person over at paypal needs to be high fived, in the face, with a chair. No wonder my account got limited for NO reason, they probably have monkeys pressing random buttons to see who’s account will get limited today. FU PP