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Paypal told me I’m shit out of luck and I owe them money back.

My story begins with a purchase that was made from Mexico via ebay. The buyer had bought my ps vita and paid me the money. Shortly there after I left for my basic training and ait through the us army. Upon returning on December 2nd I had found that the buyer had demanded the money back for the purchase and never sent back the item. He got his money, kept the vita, and because I had missed the deadline for answering back they refuse to credit my account despite not being able to answer the email and sending them the information that I had indeed sent out the package with tracking number. So I am now down $147 and even though this is obviously fraud, and the seller never got back in touch with me, paypal told me I’m shit out of luck and I owe them the money back.

Posted: December 16, 2014 at 4:41 pm

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