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PayPal Took $630.00 Out Of My Account

By Lisa

I was just getting started good on ebay after months of preparation. The first big sale that i made was a computer monitor,I was so happy!!! Payment was paid through paypal,everything looked good, until 3 days later when i got an e-mail from paypal saying that payment was paid through a fraudulant account and they took the $630.00 away from me.(i had already sent the monitor)

I took everything that I had out of my checking account in fear that they would try to collect from my account. Screwed that all up!!!Now I’m in chex systems and can’t open another checking account. So I had a feeling that the same person who recieved the monitor was the same person that used the paypal account.

So I asked people that done business with her before where they sent their merchandise .It was the same address as verified paypal address. In other words the person got the merchandise and the money back just because she told paypal it was a fraudulant account. She just used a different e-mail address to scam me and paypal won’t respond to my e-mails.

My paypal account is now -$609.00. I’m filing bankruptcy on them bastards!!!!!!!! I can’t even get in on the class action law suit because i didn’t start my paypal account until April. This sucks!!!!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 9:50 am

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