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PayPal Took My Funds

By Barry

Well it’s been so long I can’t remember the exact amount of the money that Paypal took from my account.  I was a Powerseller with eBay and was doing quite well.  I was successful, had great feedback and was gracious with my customers.

I sold a Laptop computer to a man in Tokyo (an american).  The amount was appx $1400.00.  I waited for a couple of days after receiving the funds through Paypal and shipped the Laptop to the buyer.

I left the funds in the account because I had always done so.  After all, it was protected and secure.

After 3 days or so, I went to transfer my funds to my personal bank and was surprised to find out that the funds had been removed from my account without and warning or notification.

I telephone, emailed and screamed Paypal and was only met by nothing from them.  I did finally get somebody from Paypal on the phone and was told that the person who bought the Laptop used a stolen credit card so the funds were returned to the card company.  I asked about the alledged insurance/protection from this occurring and was told that since I shipped the Laptop overseas and not to the USA, there was no protection.  The money was never seen again and Paypal never attempted to assist me in retreiving the Laptop.  BURNED….

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:11 pm

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