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PayPal Took The Money

By Daryl Rembinski

First of all i have been a paypal customer for 3-4 years,you think they would treat me and faithful customers a little better. I sold a playstation 2 on ebay FEB 22nd 2004. the buyer payed me promptly thru paypal $135.00 AND had a confirmed address thru paypal to send it to  after well over 2 months(APR 23rd 2004) paypal REVERSED(stole) the funds out of my account claiming that the buyer paid me with “fraudulent” funds. first of all, does paypal not check out credit cards and bank accounts attached to thier customers that use thier services? secondly, how would anyone ever know if they recieve a payment thru paypal that is questionable? why am i and others being punished and have to foot the bill for PAYPAL’s MISTAKES?

It makes no sense to me. they claim an “investigation” is in process. i actually have all the shipping info and insurance form with the buyers CONFIRMED THRU PAYPAL adress on it. this is not fair in the least and im outraged that i have to be responsible for it. paypal has no live customer support. you are at thier mercy it seems like. nobody to talk to on any matter. you just have to wait around while they decide the fate of your money. its been days and i have not heard a thing about my situation they created.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:23 pm

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