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All PayPal transactions disappeared

I had an account with Paypal Hong Kong. I had money on the account – 120.33. One day I went to my account to use it and ALL of the transactions were gone.

When I spoke with Paypal Intl, they had NO solution for me. The kept insisting that I did not have a paypal account.

However, I had screen shots saved of transfers, receipts of funds, ledgers, etc. proving that I had this account. Not to mention the fact that there is a username and password. At this point, they transferred me to a supervisor, whose only suggestion was to email Paypal.

While this is a small amount compared to others – what I find alarming is that every single transaction related to this account has disappeared and NO ONE at paypal seems to know how to deal with this or how this could happen (I am confident they do not want to admit that they were hacked.)

I have sent a LOT of emails and they have stopped responding. I guess now I get added to the list of those scammed by paypal.

If paypal had any decency, they would refund the funds, that they allowed to get stolen from ??? and at least ‘shut the customer up’. But it is apparent that Paypal is so large and so arrogant that they have no regard and believe that they are immune from consequences.

I will be switching to another vendor for my online services. This is ridiculous.

Thank you for what you do and educating the consumer the truth about Paypal. To them it is a numbers game, to those that lose it is 100%.

Posted: August 5, 2013 at 6:16 pm

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