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Paypal ‘transferred’ my PayPal money and ‘lost’ it to my bank.

I live in St Kitts, west Indies.
I set up a PayPal account so my villa guests could pay rent easily.
I’ve transferred my money from PayPal to my bank card (as I don’t have a USA bank account, I had to use my card) and after 7 days I called Paypal and they said it should take 30 days because of where I live (!)
45 days, 60 phonecalls, 2 faxes, 27 emails later… I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY MONEY!
My bank is not affiliated with PayPal and would never have let a transaction go through because the card needs to be physically swiped…..

I don’t think I’ll EVER seemy missing money.

Posted: July 22, 2013 at 6:11 pm

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