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Anyone new to paypal, think twice before you trust them!

The first time I was annoyed was when I was excited about my new purchase and logging on paypal, I realized there’s no way I could log on unless I add a new credit card account in paypal, while I’ve already had totally valid account with paypal already! At the end I had to add my other credit card to log on paypal to finalize the purchase. It’s ridiculous.
Few weeks later, one of seller refund my money back due to stock shortage and the money was frozen in paypal then, until now. paypal gives a list that you have to provide to unfrozen account, I took my time to prepare and upload the documents, and got the reply that the file to prove my address is not valid. I didn’t understand, that file was my bank statement from CBA and addressed my address, why the hell paypal insist it’s not valid?! And the funny thing was paypal ask for utility bill or landline bill instead, which I couldn’t provide coz it’s addressed to my husband not me. Customer service was hopeless; the guy like a robot just repeated the list of documents which I could see in front of my PC! He did not even try to understand what I was talking and enquiring, just non stop repeating the bloody list and policy! And also he refused to give me his name or reference number or other phone numbers I can call to solve the problem, in his words, no matter who you call, it gonna be same answer… and complain? There‚Äôs nowhere to complain. I had to end the conversation with f word.
After all these, my feedback to paypal: user friendly?–No! Safe?–Yes, it’s so safe that you can’t even use it until you add “one more” credit card! ohh, btw, it’s safe coz any money exceed 1k couln’t be withdraw by anyone, including you!
Screw paypal!!! Anyone new to paypal, think twice!!!

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 6:58 pm

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