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Paypal is unfair as usual

I had a sale on eBay. The buyer from Russia was invoiced with both trackable and non trackable shipping, with clear mention that if paying via paypal and not choosing tracking, I would ship at his risk. He chose to pay via paypal and without tracking. I obtained proof of posting from Royal Mail. Then, he wrote back stating that his item never reached after 5 weeks! I did tell him that it was at his risk and I had proof of posting and stressed the fact that I would not refund the payment as he decided not to take up tracking and paid via paypal. So, I made a claim to paypal myself by submitting pdf files of the proof of posting and exchange of emails between me and the buyer. Guess what, paypal decided in the favour of the buyer, after ‘careful consideration’ and asked me that if I had any further evidence for appeal like proof of delivery! How on earth can I get proof of delivery for an item the buyer chose not to pay for tracking?
I am now fedup with paypal. Another transaction, I paid £50 to a crook in Spain and after he refused to reply to requests about the item, which never arrived, paypal told me that they could not pay me as the seller did not have funds in his account! You can never count on getting your item or money when using paypal.
I am planning to take paypal to court this time. Can you please advise of what to consider?

Posted: May 11, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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3 thoughts on “Paypal is unfair as usual
  1. TroyBoy on

    I hated having to deal with having to proof myself and every step I took when I was using paypal. And then you got the scammers that know how to work paypal to their advantage. That ended up costing me a fortune. I closed my paypal account not to long ago and got a merchant account that I linked to my ebay store and I have not had a problem since. What a difference.

  2. Crystal K on

    This is typical problem with paypal. you get screwed as a buyer or seller with them. They ask for information which was provided and still side with the buyer. Even if you had a “tracking” number they would have still sided with the buyer. This company is a huge scam. RUN as fast as you can. I did and I’m making more money now then I ever did

  3. Dave on

    You’re an idiot. Someone should have informed you that if you ship without tracking the only one at risk is yourself. You shipped without tracking so you only have yourself to blame for losing money. Your “proof” is crap. It doesn’t matter if you have a video recording of the postman delivering the package to the hand of the person, paypal requires a tracking number. End of story.