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PayPal is very unprofessional

PayPal is very unprofessional and I start to think that they are unsafe for business things. In my case, my account is limited after receiving a payment. I didn’t know the reason since all I do is as usual, nothing can harm the services or the users. It happened totally without warning. Then, they requested some papers to upload, I sent them and problem solved. My account is back in normal state. But 30 minutes later, paypal sent me an email saying the action is cancelled, back to limited status and cannot be appealed. I don’t even know the reason why. What a very unprofessional job, I hate for what paypal is doing without reason at all. All I can do is to refund the payment which is bad for my business and let them EAT my $4 balance so they can buy an ebook to educate them self. I am going to do some serious research before I sign up with another payment processor. I do not want to even be in this situation again

Posted: June 29, 2012 at 2:51 pm

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6 thoughts on “PayPal is very unprofessional
  1. lovingmylilmonsters on

    unprofessional fits them the the T. They suck as a whole.I had my account limited then reinstated then limited again 10 minutes later and for what reasons I have no idea. They refused to give me an answer. I was so fed up and that’s when I discovered this site and went with the merchant company the suggested through the merchantinc website. Best decision I ever made. It has helped my business grow tremendously!

  2. Smith on

    I have had 3 paypal account and they have all gotten limited for reasons unknown to me. There is never any warning and never a reason given. The first time it happened they asked me to sendin a bunch of information such as DL, SSN, utility bill, suppliers information and the list went on and on. So I gathered up all this requested info and sent it in. 3 hours later my paypal account was permanently suspended with out appeal. So not much I could do about that. The two other accounts I had with paypal were opened with fake info, since paypal had all my real info, and I only used those accounts to buy with but somehow they were both limited as well.

  3. Annonymous on


    It is same for me, i got pernament ban for getting a gift Lol! and the most fun part is that they cant tell me whats wrong, they just said that system decided to do so…

  4. Kimmy on

    Unprofessional is exactly what they are. There customer services sucks. I had my account shut down and when I called to find out they told me due to the agreement I filled out they don’t have to tell me. WTF??!?!?!?! This company is a bunch of bullshit. I’m actually glad they closed my account. I don’t have to deal with their nonsense any longer

  5. nancy on

    paypal is one of the most unprofessional company i have ever used. they are ok, if you use it to send money, but the second you start to receive money, they will limit your account and ask you for unreasonable documents, including private emails you have exchanged with recipient. yes, private emails you have exchanged with another person. it is a violation of privacy. I wish everyone will just stop using paypal, it is the most unprofessional service/monopoly in the money service industry.

    • fedup on

      My account was limited (for life) because apparently I paid a subscription to a website that was not in accordance with their rules. My question is this: Why the hell did the website have the PayPal logo in the first place and why did PayPal authorise this website to transact? How can the customer be penalised for transacting with a website that was authorised to use PayPal for payments? PayPal customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I am amazed that the damn regulatory authorities still allow them to operate?