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How does PayPal have any users left?

I sold a brand new louis vuitton bag on ebay. 2 weeks later, the buyer complained and said that the bag was not brand new as described and she wants a full refund. At this point, I knew something was wrong here, seeing that 2 weeks later she has now claimed this. She then asked me for a refund of $200 and she will close the paypal case. I was in total shocked of the situation. Me trying to please my customer although I know she was untruthful about this, decided to refund her $200 through paypal just to close the case. After doing so, 1 day later, I then receive an email from paypal saying my account is limited and I will get the rest of my money in 180 days? What!!!! The buyer also got my bag and even some of my money, now paypal just decided to keep the rest of my money? Why? Me and my buyer already worked things out but paypal is now standing between us? This is the worst fraud I have ever seen period! I am positive that paypal is going to be NO MORE very soon.
They will never last when they rip people off like this.

Posted: January 25, 2013 at 5:34 pm

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2 thoughts on “How does PayPal have any users left?
  1. David Long on

    I had a paypal account for several years until i got an email one day that said my account was limited. it confused me because I had no activity on that account for a few weeks. I contacted paypal, and was told that I had to furnish several forms of documentation to prove who I was. I followed their instructions only to find that there was apparently a foreign source that had tried to hack my account, but paypal’s excellent encryption and security measure caught it. I changed my password to something pretty difficult and felt that it would be okay. A week later, my account was hit for $200. i contacted paypal and they said that they would look into it. I also contacted my bank because i fortunately had the forethought to get fraud protection on my account. Paypal did nothing. I checked back with them after a few days and after several phone calls, and being transferred several times, i was told that I had made a withdrawal of $300 from my paypal account. I have no idea what they were talking about, but because of that, I couldn’t get to my ebay account to sell something. Everything was locked up. Paypal refused to do anything about the theft from my account and would not check into the alleged withdrawal. They are liars and thieves and will never use them again.

  2. Bryan on

    Create a new PayPal account and link to different accounts. Then just use like normal but keep funds in that account to a minimum or $0.

    Just don’t provide personally identifiable information. Also get yourself a IP changer and use that IP to log into that new account.
    This is not a 100% loophole but at least you’ll still be able to sell and keep your money flowing.