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PayPal verification is a bit excessive


decided to buy a product on ebay. Did the payment through PayPal (which is mandatory for some reason??!!) only to get it rejected. When I called they said I needed to send them a certificate of residency, copy of passport, summery of my latest bank transactions and the list went on and on….I get that they wanna verify the credit card is really mine, but they ask me more than my bank asks of me! I felt like I was applying for a green card or something! On top of that the lady on the phone was really rude!!! She wasn’t even trying to understand why the things she asked of me were somewhat excessive, and she would not let me finish speaking.

I will NEVERRRRRR do business with PayPal EVERRRRRR again!!

Posted: June 24, 2014 at 7:11 pm

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One thought on “PayPal verification is a bit excessive
  1. Richard Lount on

    I had the same problem with them when it came to over verifying details so I played them at their own game and when they contacted me and asked for details I told them that I was unable to verify anything as I could not be sure they were who they said they were and therefore I needed names, addresses, DOB’S, NI numbers, and also that I was recording the phone calls for security reasons…. They soon stopped….!