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Why doesn’t Paypal verify your account BEFORE you have transactions??

My account is on hold and has been for six days…and at least for another 48 hours while they look at my latest documents for verification of who I am. 2 passports, drivers license, bank statement showing address, rental lease, utility provider invoice PDF showing address is apparently not enough!. I even photographed my newly arrived registered mailed Australian passport which shows my current address.

My problem is that they have a small list of qualifying criteria if you do not have it your stuck! I have not yet sent out my goods to my ebay buyers as I am afraid that I will never be paid! Paypal will have to send them their money back! as I am not giving my gear away for free!!!

They have gleamed more information from me that my bank, the australian government passport office, Transport of Main Roads (drivers license) and the very difficult to get Medicare card combined. as well as fleecing my funds. My question to them is why did they except my funds when buying? Why didn’t they do this check before while no transactions were taking place? why do they do this to sellers who are between a rock and a hard place with their ebay buyers? NO fundsĀ  sorry no goods!

Hearing that some people have waited 4 years to get their funds while many have been in limbo…seriously pisses me off! I feel for them!

Posted: May 2, 2014 at 6:01 pm

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