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Why does PayPal have to “verify my identity” now all of a sudden?

To anyone at Paypal who will read this:

I had a paypal account and had it set up to use my discover card, I was recently informed that I have to give you my PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION, in order to continue to buy on paypal, I do not want you to be in possession of my bank account for security reasons, so I will be closing my account, there is no reason for you to need my bank account information and I do not need a mastercard from paypal.
I am very upset that you think I would be fool enough to allow you to have access to my bank account when there is no need for it.
You say you have to verify my identity, I have been using this same card since I opened this account, have never had issues with it, so it appears you did not have to verify my identity before now, so why now?????????

Posted: March 14, 2013 at 4:16 pm

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