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Don’t be a PayPal victim like me!

I am one of the victims of Paypal! You’re right paypal is incompetent and unreliable. I have withdrawn my money this May 1 2014 and after 7 days sent them email why my money is not yet in my bank account. I even called them but as incompetent as they are, they were not able to resolve the issue. They gave a reference number but my bank can’t use the number they have provided. I was asking the transacting bank they use as required by my bank bu they did not provide this detail. Why is this so?!! It is now more than 30 days and still I have not received my money…For all of you out there! Paypal is unreliable, your hard earned money is not safe with them! Don’t use paypal ever again! DOn’t be a victim like me!

Posted: June 2, 2014 at 4:57 pm

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