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PayPal WILL Violate Your Privacy

By Mark



Within two days of opening an account with PayPal and selling two items via Ebay, PayPal froze my account for “suspicious activity.” (Never explained, despite much correspondence.)


Once PayPal freezes an account, they then demand a great deal of private information to “unlock” it.

This includes not only the name, address, email address, telephone number, bank account number and routing number, and password used to OPEN the account (and which I have willingly confirmed) …

But also a Social Security number and a valid credit card number. (?!)

They claim the right to demand the latter based on a clause in their service contract that specifies that they may ask information for “verification purposes.”

As a past victim of identity theft, I do not wish to provide them my SSN and a credit card number. Nor do I believe that the clause in their service contract can be interpreted to allow them to demand any and all info that they desire … I am at a loss, in particular, to understand how they can “verify” information that was never given to them in the first place.

1) Do they pay interest? Extend me credit? Represent law enforcement? Why do they need my SSN in order to give me MY property?

2) Why do they need my credit card number? Am I purchasing something from them? They’ve already deducted their fees from the moneys deposited by my buyers …

Unfortunately, that is how things stand. If I want my money, I must provide them this personal information … or seek legal recourse elsewhere.

The items that I sold have long since been delivered. The customers are happy, and have provided positive feedback on Ebay.

And I am INCENSED that a company can act with such complete arrogance and disregard for the rights of their customers with no consequences whatsoever.

BOTTOM LINE: I don’t recommend that anybody do business with paypal unless you are comfortable giving all this info:

Telephone Number
Email Address
Bank account and Routing number
Credit Card number

.. to ONE agency, via the internet, to be stored forever in their database …

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:34 am

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