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PayPal Violated Me

By Susan

Paypal verified then locked my account, causing me to loose big. I started a paypal account and was verified I sold a few items without a hitch. I transfered $400.00 from my paypal account, to my bank. Well, they put a hold on all $400.00. They just froze it, well I was frantic trying to get the hold lifted, I had to get out the shipping on these items.Ebay members payed pay pal so I could ship there items. Well I heard of alot of nightmares,other people had sent there items , via paypal payment. and they were out both the item, and there money.

Well,the only thing that I sent to the customers was email telling them that paypal had there money, and for them to deal with geting it.That did not go over well with some and the result was I got neg feedback on my new account.Now I have to try and get refunds for selling fees, and shipping lables I bought online. Nightmare!

I can’t see how they can violate my rights like that and harm my business, causing me stress and greef, lost income, and defamed reputation. well, it must be that there so rich from all that money there steeling, that they just don’t care….Sue

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:24 am

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One thought on “PayPal Violated Me
  1. edward on

    I was violated today by paypal I called to ask a question on my account after they verified my information the representative said hold on i need to check something someone else came on the line verified my account info again. Being frustrated but understanding I gave them they information because i called paypal!!! After a brief conversation about my hole paypal account and financial standing I she says shes with Ebay??? This goes on and she tells me some things I dont think she was supposed to tell me. I probably shouldnt post here I would like to speak with someone high enough at one of the places that to tell them how it made me feel though