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PayPal Virus Scam

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Am I the victim of an attempted virus scam? This just landed in my inbox. I don’t have a Paypal account. I didn’t click on the link as they suggested. Is there anything I should do? Am I already in danger of my details being discovered? Thanks for any help or advice you can give me. NB The typos and bad grammar in their email were what initially made me suspicious – read it carefully!

>From: “” <>
>Subject: Repeated failure login attempt(s)on your account
>Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 18:25:32 +0200

>We recently have determined that different computers have logged into your >PayPal account, and multiple password failures were present before the login. >As our employee did not manage to reach you, this email has been sent to your notice.
>There for your account has been temporarily suspended. >We need you to confirm your identity in order to regain full privileges of your >account.
>If this is not completed by August 30, 2005, we reserve the right to terminate all privileges of your account indefinitly, as it may have been used for fraudulent purposes.

>We thank you for your cooperation in this manner.
>To confirm your identity please follow the link below:
>Thank you for your patience in this matter.
>PayPal – Customer Service
>Please do not reply to this e-mail as this is only a notification.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:58 am

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