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PayPal Wants My Profits

By Larrye Michael Bryant II

I had sold 15 Sony DCR Vx-2100 Camcorders in a two day period and was new to ebay. I had got a tip from a friend and got them for half price. Anyway insted of the 2300.00 sale price I was abler to sell them for 1800.00 each and still make 600.00 a peice on them. About halfway through the auction when I think 13 were already sold and I was in the middle of transfering funds bam. They froze my account and refused to recieve any more funds from the auction items already sold. I stood to make a 9000.00 profit and they new it. they made damn sure that did not happen. Why? I have no idea still.

They said there was some suspicious activity on my account. Bullsh_t. I had 100% posative feedback from my first 12 customers and no complaints. They knew I had my own sources and would never buy from ebay’s warehouses and they did not want the power sellers to miss out on my profits. Seeing as If the majority of the power sellers buy from ebays warehouses or sister companies. what a hoax. They should both be shut down under same monopoly law that sees Bill Gates paying fines on a continual basis. Afterall, Ebay owns Paypal. Do you see a conflict of interest there?

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:53 pm

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