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PayPal Was Hacked

By Robert

This happened a few weeks ago when my friend took back all the money from what he had made. He had registered some domains, and i was waiting too long, and my site was down for 5 days. He gave me some free webhosting and a good .us domain. I phoned him from the information of thw WHOIS, and then i asked what happened and i said that another friend said that this paypal was hacked.

His parents said that he cost them £600 in 2 weeks. I was shocked as i am only 14 myself. As the converstaion continued, i made a mistake of telling there parents to do a WHOIS on one of his domains. When this was over, i was so annoyed. I seeked help from my school, and they told me to tell my parents – i did not. They still do not know what the phone call was about…

I still feel bad about what happened, but i was not scammed. I only phoned because my site was down. The problem is still there today hidden.

If you wish to contact me my MSN is: (I do not check my
e-mail at that address

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:23 pm

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