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PayPal Went Nuts

By Lauren

PayPal won’t let me close my account. I was a verified PayPal user for years with no problems. One day I sent a sum of money to my mum through PayPal using my credit card. My credit card company marked the transaction as unusual and I had to phone them to get it unbarred. They were absolutely fine and lifted the bar instantly.

However, PayPal went nuts and started demanding loads of personal information from both me and my mum. She had to send a photocopy of her bank statement, and a list of other things. PayPal still froze the money until one day it just arrived in her account.
Then the nightmare really began! PayPal kept sending emails demanding more verification, and somehow they linked my account with my mum’s and accused us of being the same person! (We are at different addresses!) When I log in now, I no longer have control over my account so how can I close it?

This disgusting ‘company’ should be closed down.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:04 pm

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