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Paypal withdrawal funds not received…TWICE to the tune of USD 837.38 total

In February 2013 I made a withdrawal request for USD 500 from my PayPal account to my account located in UAE.

I had been using PayPal for several years and had experienced other issues but nothing of this type.

The funds never arrived in my account and despite several calls, emails and faxes of financial bank statement showing I never received the funds PayPal staff remained largely unhelpful and to this date I have NOT received my USD 500.

My bank which is located outside USA only required PayPal to provide a MT103 SWIFT message to initiate a trace on the funds however PayPal never provided despite repeated requests and presumably the funds would have been sent back to PayPal however to date I have not been informed of the status of this payment.

Forward to almost a year later 9 January 2014 I made a withdrawal for USD 337.28 and 17 days later I still have not received my funds.

I tried to contact PayPal customer service via email and phone and as always they remain as unhelpful as ever and so it does appear that I will have to write off another big amount due to PayPal’s incompetence and its failure to honor its commitments and obligations towards its users.

I do not do that many PayPal transactions and the odds of such a thing happening twice in the course of just 7 transactions is pretty scary.

More people should report and warn users of how badly PayPal can and will let them down.

Posted: January 24, 2014 at 6:58 pm

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