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Paypal is withholding funds because it is managed by eBay.

Paypal is withholding funds because it is managed by EBAY.  I have sold for 11 years in July, 100% feedback, 2 neutrals in 1 year, raving reviews from buyers.  I would have thought the end of the world had come if I had received a negative feedback.  I abide by Ebay rules, I try to do EVERYTHING by Ebay’s policies and rules—-THEN all at once a bidder paid and I looked into Paypal and they were telling me “funds are held until I establish a successful sales history on Ebay”,  funds will be released 21 days or sooner.  I have already done that, ESTABISHED A SUCCESSFUL SALES HISTORY ON EBAY eleven (11) years ago!!!!  I called Paypal and they referred me to Ebay and I talked wiht 3 different EBAY people and my case boiled down to NOT feedback (postive, neutral, negative, not either 3)  it had something to do with buyers not rating stars on SHIPPING and HANDLING on the feedback page.  2 to 4 people had not rated me on SHIPPING AND HANDLING on the star part as Ebay thought they should.  So after 11 years with no problems, 100% feedback, 100% customer satisfaction they hold my funds for a couple stars.  What a humiliated feeling I had.  All of my effort to be honest, trustworthy the eleven years just went “out the door”.  There is nothing I would or could do to improve, I follow Ebay rules , ship next day and always list my items with the cheapest shipping charges which are Parcel Post.  If a buyer buys something from me I will satisfy them.  I make my buyers happy.  They are always right. The two neutrals I have would not have happened if the buyer had contacted me before leaving feedback.  Their complaint would have been taken care of by me. I do not need Ebay to try and control that.  SO VERY CONFUSING, UNFAIR AND QUESTIONING wondering what is going on. WRONG TO HOLD BACK FUNDS PAID BY A BIDDER FOR MY ITEM.  Just SIMPLY NOT RIGHT.  Not right!!!  I cringe when I think of such a policy

Posted: June 1, 2012 at 2:38 pm

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6 thoughts on “Paypal is withholding funds because it is managed by eBay.
  1. TakenbyPP on

    The 21 day hold put my selling career on ebay to a stop and my business is now gone. I dropped shipped thousands of dollars worth of items monthly on ebay for years and never had a problem. Like you I followed all their rules and always refunded a customer if they were not happy. Then I get notified that eBay/Paypal is going to implement a 21 day hold on all money I receive. THAT DOES NOT WORK WHEN YOU DROP SHIP. So here I am with what tool me years to build up gone in a matter of days.

  2. Edward 22 on

    PayPal and eBay are partners in crime and it is down right criminal! They don’t need a legitimate reason to withhold funds from faithful eBay sellers. They don’t care how long or how much they have made off of your business and they don’t care if their crazy decisions doom your on-line business!! That totally sucks for you and there are many in those same shoes. They got their claws into me but I had only been processing maybe 2 years…skrew them though. I shut my shit down and got a merchant account which works 100 times better and I haven’t been robbed or froze yet! What a concept.

  3. Keith on

    Ive had nothing but problems with them!!! When you call they dont even know their own policys to tell you and give you false information! I needed to have a successful sales history as well but ive got nothing but 100% positive rating….FUCK PAYPAL AND EBAY!

  4. Elizabeth on

    Exactly the same thing happened to me a couple of days ago. I too care passionately about my buyers and have shot myself in the foot with regard to postage on occasion. Not that I overcharge but sometimes have not charged enough. Reading through these comments, it is almost as if eBay/PayPal have actively sought out the ‘good’ amongst us, which is totally illogical.

    I was so angry that PayPal had done this to me that as well as post the item off to my buyer, I refunded them the full transaction cost, rather than allow PayPal to profit in any way at my expense. I sent the buyer a note, asking if he would accept the purchase as a gift, and tried to explain that I would rather he have my money in full, as PayPal would not let me have it – than give PayPal anything by way of fees.

    My complaints to PayPal have simply been ignored and I did not telephone them to complain but instead wrote. I knew that if I did speak to a PayPal employee that it would go something like this:

    Me: what is it I am being accused of, that is so grave that you (PayPal) consider it necessary to withhold my funds?

    PayPal: we are not accusing you of anything.

    Me: then if you aren’t accusing me of anything, can you please explain why I cannot access my funds?

    PayPal: it’s for you own protection.

    Me: I don’t need protection. Could you please apologise to me for the dreadful mistake you have made?

    PayPal: we haven’t made a mistake.

    At which point I would want to leap through the telephone and ………

    So, probably not a good idea to ring.

  5. Shaun Durose on

    I have just sold some things because I am going on holiday next week but now I have found out that Paypal are withholding my money 21 days. I have no idea why as I have not done anything wrong. I will not be sending my items until I have the money in my bank and thanks to Paypal I will not have any holiday cash. They can kick me off ebay if they want – I am not a mug who will line their pockets with interest. No payment, no goods – simple.

  6. Pat on

    Not only do paypal withhold money for 21 days, but when it’s finally available you have to wait another FIVE working days before they pay up!