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I am so over Paypal

I dont know where to start. I’ve been forced to use Paypal for years now for lack of other payment options, especially involving ebay sales. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have had an issue. I have about 10 accounts now on Paypal, all in some sort of freeze or suspension, and my main account has been frozen for months WITH money I earned from ebay sales sitting in it. I’m not able to access these funds even though they are MINE. I sent in every single fucking type of personal documentation they asked for and nope, still limited. I HATE paypal. It scares me. It can take your money and just keep it, and you’re helpless. It’s funny someone made this site because I was thinking of making a site dedicated to Paypal’s shittiness myself. I hope some of the payment alternatives start becoming more popular soon because I am finished with Paypal.

Posted: June 6, 2013 at 6:58 pm

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