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My Money is Stuck in There

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

Do you have a suggestion on how I can get back at PayPal, who ate my money, almost $500?

I opened my account, did alot of buying, then 2 weeks later, PayPal limited my account. All my money that got sent to my sellers got reversed back at me.

Those revesed payments were taken out of my PayPal account but because they limited my account, I cannot do a withdrawal. My $$ is stuck in the account and I have no access to it.

They need me to verify all information INCLUDING my SSN. I gave them everything..UNTIL they informed me that I am related to other bad accounts and I need to resolve other issues on those bad accounts.

I asked them, What other bad accounts am I linked to?

They cannot explain a single word to me !!

That’s the end, My money is stuck in there.

Any idea how I can get this resolved?

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:08 am

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