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PayPal/eBay do you hear me??

I have been a LOYAL member for at least 10 (ten) years.
I have asked for a simple returned e-mail.
Are you afraid of me?
I am a Professional Executive that use eBay as a hobby, as fun, as a Religion and I am committed to maintained everyone honest.
In this case, it is apparent (without accusing anyone and without pointing any fingers yet) that eBay Customer Support and/or the Trust and Safety Team “have dropped the ball” on me and they have not shown ANY type of integrity, respect, regard and honesty towards one of their TEAM PLAYERS. I am not accustomed to this type of behavior from a merchant that has been “protected” and treated with the “highest honors”.
I have patiently waited for a week.
This a enough. My empathy and loyalty has limitations.
I did not think it had any limitations, at all, 10 days ago. I was an eBay/Pay Pal Fighter all the way.
I had prepared a report to be introduced to my local NBC News. Yes, the media. Perhaps, you will call me then and see that I am very serious and I, indeed, need to speak to a clear English Speaking Representative. Preferably, this individual to be based out of San Jose, California.
Do you want to meet in person in your Headquarters?
I do not think “you get it”.
If you have any interest on understanding my concern and “getting it”, please call me. Stop ignoring me. There will be a point that I will not be able to speak to you on the telephone, as mandated by Law.
I do not think that neither of us would like to get to that stage of the “game that you are playing with my Account”.

Posted: September 4, 2012 at 4:52 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal/eBay do you hear me??
  1. johnny on

    Paypal and ebay hears you and me and all the rest of us complaining but they don’t care. They aren’t going to call you back they don’t even answer the phone if you call them so to wait for a call back is just a waste of time. Their email responses are nothing but automated emails so that is another waste. THe best thing to do is to stop using them, that is the only way they will ever change

  2. Bryan on

    If you issue is as bad as you make it sound to be, consult a law professional.

    To many reports similar to this are going thru the internet but not enough are hitting the California court systems.

    You can also document your report with the FTC and IC3 websites. These are owned and operated by the US Government. Local law enforcement agencies and FBI are directly affiliated. If enough reports are sent they will begin investigating the complaints at eBay/PayPal or the scammer.
    A BBB call might also be a good idea.

    Well all that previously mentioned depends on your individual situation.