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PayPal’s clever way to keep your info forever

I’d been a PayPal customer for over 10 years, since before they were owned by Ebay. I never had a problem buying or selling with PayPal, and figured that despite their policies, it was okay to use their service. Then one day I logged in from my smartphone to buy something on a website that only took PayPal. Suddenly my account was limited and I couldn’t do anything except add more accounts and cards to my PayPal account, not even delete the account. They wanted more personal information to unlock it, and would not accept my cell phone as proof of address, so I had to submit a photo ID as well as a mortgage statement. I didn’t think they needed this info, but until I submitted it, I couldn’t even delete my account, so I finally uploaded the info. Then…nothing. No response from PayPal for over a month. So I emailed them to ask why, and got a form letter telling me to do exactly what I had already done. Really helpful. Now PayPal has even MORE of my personal information which I can’t delete, change, or access, and of course I can’t use the account–not that I want to anymore. I just want my information removed so THEY can’t use it, but they won’t even let me do that. My account will just sit there until THEY choose to do something with it. Which means they might decide to sell it to 3rd parties, or maybe they’ll get hacked and my info will be stolen, and I still won’t be allowed to access it myself.

Posted: September 20, 2012 at 2:36 pm

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4 thoughts on “PayPal’s clever way to keep your info forever
  1. Tristen1969 on

    It really doesn’t matter if you can close your account or not because paypal keeps your information even after you close your account. They never delete any information from your account. Even if you delete and remove bank accounts and credit cards paypal have that information stored in their database. Best thing you can do is close/cancel any bank account and credit card you have linked to that paypal account.

    • Ed on

      You’re absolutely right. That’s where I am now. Because of Paypal I have to close my checking account. It is very inconvenience but as of now, they’ve only stolen about 30 bucks.

  2. Gil on

    you don’t have to cancel your credit card[s] which would affect you’re credit rating[assuming this has some importance to you] if you’re in good standing that is……all you have to do is calling the cc company and tell them it was lost and ask for a replacement card….you’ll receive a new one with a different cc number ;)

  3. Ed on

    At some point, I was paying via debiting my checking account and though I deleted this info years ago and even deleted my Paypal account sometime later, I now realize they still use my checking information. In my case, I need to close this checking account or else I fear these thieves, better known as Paypal, will help themselves to my money.