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PayPal’s debit card destroyed my life

PayPal’s debit card destroyed my life. It put me into a hole to deep to climb out of by causing at least $1500 in OVERDRAFT, INSUFFICIENT FUNDS AND RETURNED PAYMENT FEES. Just ONE transaction with unavailable funds can easily cycle into dozens with the way that PayPal sets up its debit card. They automatically pay transactions up front, without even knowing if funds are available. This allows people to unknowingly destroy every and any bank and credit/ debit card account that they had linked to their PayPal. It also makes each transaction take twice as long to be processed. So that by the time your bank or credit card company calls you- you are in a hole too deep to recover from. Charges and fees will continue to cycle through all linked accounts, leaving each one damaged beyond repair. Also, you cannot remove any of your linked payment methods once your Paypal account is limited.

Posted: August 1, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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8 thoughts on “PayPal’s debit card destroyed my life
  1. Per on

    Paypal made me get their mastercard credit card since I didn’t want to link my debit card or bank account to my paypal account to become verified. The interest on that credit card is close to 30%!!!! I went in to the hospital for almost 2 weeks and went home still bedridden for another 3 weeks. By that time Paypal had charged my card over 15 times for ebay fees!Now I am left with this mess and neither ebay or paypal is offering any assistance. Very unprofessional!

  2. mamasboy on

    If they won’t let you unlink the accounts to your paypal account then close them and reopen new ones. I know you can do that unless your bank account is in the negative the you won’t be able to close it until you get it back in the positive. I suggest never using paypal again and going with a real merchant account company

  3. Caryn on

    Paypal continually sent money through to my account without notifying me there was a problem. When I asked them to take my bank account off of paypal they refused, and there pages were horrible and misleading as to finding a solution. I asked why my bank was showing transactions as processes and they were not, I was tole FDC or federal reserve governs them or someother US treasury organization is responsible for holding bank transfers…They take no responsibility, because of this I will no longer use paypal as a buyer or seller and will utilize another organization if not my other bank will do it for me…They need to be investigated. They cost me over 350.00 in fees and it could have been avoided if they had contacted me and worked with my other listed accounts. Paypal sucks, ebay sucks and they are stealing from Americans, MR. Ben Benake and his committees are allowing this to continue.COntact the federal reserve and the Banking commission and complain if anyone knows of a lawyer who takes class action suits, get them involved I am looking into it myself…regards.

  4. koo on

    Correction: you “destroyed your life” by not reading the fine print and knowing how to use the card. It was your choice, nobody made you do it. Own up and stop being so dramatic.

    • Meagan Ronningen on

      I know right? that is exactly what I thought when I read this. Pay pal debit card didn’t destroy anything. How someone used it had consequences that are the same no matter what debit card you have. It would be much better to say “I overspent, and paypal has strict policies regarding misuse”

  5. Anonymous on

    Surely PayPal do have their deceptive practices but someone has to be at fault here…

    PayPal explicitly makes you aware of fees occurring and overdraft fees should you overdraft the balance.

    You have no right to blame PayPal for your lack of due diligence.

  6. Jason on

    Most debit cards from any financial institution “pay for things up front without knowing whether or not the funds are available” that’s why overdraft fees exist and how banks make their money.

    New flash: If YOU don’t know what fund are available in your accounts, you probably shouldn’t complain about your bank or PayPal not knowing. It’s called balancing your budget.

  7. Mike on

    I have been using paypal without a bank account for over 8 years and its great!!!!
    open a bank account you dont want then open the paypal account with it and then close the bank account down, its that simple.
    There is no overdraft fees with paypal at all!!!!!!!!!
    You can be in the negative for months