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Paypal’s illegal activities

My concern is simply this; Paypal Inc., with its subsidiary Paypal pte ltd of Singapore overlooking Japanese customers are violating Title 8 US codes 2323, 982 & 2320 by accessory after the fact in money transfers of Chinese counterfeit exports to Japan ( and the world ) is the world’s largest Counterfeit sales site and every member selling at is wanting Paypal money transactions which paypal encourages due its greed for money.
I had ordered many items from not knowing they were counterfeits and I was cheated despite Paypal motto ” safest way to be pay”!
I had lost several hundred dollars and my claimed were returned and some not.
Now my daughter was played out and Paypal knowingly duped my daughter to be played out by the Chinese counterfeiters .
Paypal transfers billions of US$ to China and all remittances are grossly illegal

Posted: March 3, 2014 at 7:18 pm

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