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Paypal’s promises are nothing but false advertising

My problem is with Pay Pal. I have clean record with ebay but paypal has there head up their capital A. I have proved my ID 20 times over and my bank account which was approved, but they won’t let me use my credit card which was proven too. It’s the only card I have and even my bank says the problem is with pay pal. They won’t answer me or give me reason. I used it once and then after that they started rejecting it. I can no longer buy from ebay thanks to their stupidity. They only want to withdraw from my bank account. I did everything they asked, but still I get rejected for no good reason. Pay Pal sorry to say has big problem and just plainly sucks! What they claim to be and what they claim to represent is totally false advertising. They need to be replaced with a system that is honest and actually works. Period!

Posted: August 15, 2013 at 4:46 pm

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