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PayPal’s promises are never kept

I sold a Macbook to a buyer on eBay and then I received some spoof emails about payments made. I was fairly new to PayPal but I knew the process of selling, waiting till the funds were verified, shipping and then withdrawing. Once the funds showed as “verified” on my Paypal account, I called to make sure and was told that the funds were there. I went to my account and used the information provided by the buyer and approved by both eBay and Paypal printed onto the packing slip and the label. I shipped the computer and the buyer received it.

I went to withdraw the funds and couldn’t yet because they needed more information to verify my account. While standing in Jackson Hartsfield Airport, I called PayPal and asked the lady what was needed to verify my account. I provided her with the information and off I went to catch my flight. The next day, I again called PayPal, verified the funds and asked them if my account was now verified and it was. The funds were released into my account three days later.

A couple of months pass and I got a call from Paypal saying that the funds were never available and I owed them. I disagreed and was getting nowhere so I hung up. I got another call from a different person who said that I owed PayPal and that it was because I sent the package to the wrong address. I laughed and said, how could I do that when you were the one who provided me with the address? He responded, I don’t know sir but you owe us money. Knowing this wasn’t going far, I hung up again. The next call I got, I asked the lady to please hold own while I told her about the previous two calls so she didn’t use the same excuse and to try and get her help. She was very nice and she said that once the buyer saw that I had sent the package, he went to his Bank and stopped the payment to PayPal and they refunded his money and then he closed his account so the issue was resolved and I didn’t owe them any money and that for future purposes, they were going to close my account and when I needed to use PayPal again, i could start over with a new one. Don’t know why unless it had to do with the spoof emails I got.

Well, wouldn’t you know it…for the next 6 months, I continued to get calls from PayPal Collections saying I owed them money and I simply told them that this had been rectified and they needed to check with their supervisors and hung up. The calls quit finally. 18 months later, I my son listed two watches on eBay and he is 18 but I told him to set up a new gmail account for me, use my bank account info and social so that he wouldn’t have any problems getting his funds quicker. The first watch sold and the funds totaling $1220 were deposited into my account. The second watch had to be re-listed again but then it sold. I went in to withdraw the funds for him and PayPal had put a limitation on my account and it was because they said I owed them $900+. I have sent them an explanation just like this to them three times now without response and I just spoke with COLLECTIONS and rudely, I was told “your damn right we are going to take your sons money from you because you owe us money and there’s nothing I can do about it. This is not right and my son is going to be out $1224 which is not fair and we shouldn’t be going through this even if he is using my account as I gave him the authority as his name is the same as mine only I’m the II and he is the III. I fear this will not go in my favor.

Posted: September 30, 2014 at 6:20 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal’s promises are never kept
  1. Edward Kuehnel on

    I had an identical problem. An e mail said the buyer paid but the payment did not show up on my pay pal account.

  2. Jeff Wolf on

    PayPal allowing Buyer to steal my $350 item.
    Sent buyer item number 351182842122. Buyer made NOT AS DESCRIBED CLAIM through Paypal. Buyer’s claim was the Disney Issued Certificate of Authenticity on the back and pictured in the listing was a Xeroxed copy. It wasn’t. But as the proof to substantiate his claim, PayPal accept his word, that he called the Customer Service Desk at Disneyland Paris, and that they told him what a COA from 25 years ago, made in the USA, was to look like. That’s the basis of the return. Ridiculous. Item comes back today via USPS. I notice the box is light, as in it’s a 25x20x 6 box that weights a pound. The framed artwork, weights 5 pounds alone! So I ask the Post man to wait and witness me open the light box. EMPTY!~~~~~~~~~~~$350 piece of artwork gone. Call PayPal. Sorry sir you don’t have a case here. Buyer submitted the invoice and it says they paid for a 10 pounds worth of postage. Nothing we can do, claim goes through for the Buyer. I have a witness from the POST OFFICE, that the box returned to me was EMPTY. I am not covered under Seller protection because the THIEF BUYER made a claim as NOT AS DESCRIBED. If a buyer says NOT as DESCRIBED, you are SCREWED FOLKS. You have NO protection. The Thieves know how to steal on ebay, plain and simple. ebay was no help, because it all goes to PayPal. PayPal told me the only recourse I have is to the Sue the Buyer. Yeah the Buyer who lives in FRANCE!
    LIES< LIES< LIES, FRAUD. Proof! I get nothing. I’ve been on ebay since 1998. Nobody has ever done this to me.