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Paypal’s reaction after very strong complaint

Sometimes it can be the other way around:

I was the victim of a buyer who – although I checked the “No Return” button – wanted to return a flawless merchandise and even dared to write me an email stating that he would return them “..through the PayPal-Buyer-Protection-Way”.

I found out right away what he meant by that: He claimed that the merchandise was defective. A statement which was provable a lie.

Paypal anyway decided in his favor because this is what they usually do, the seller gets the merchandise back, the buyer gets his money back, everybody should be happy.

Well, I was not.

I was so mad about this buyer who took advantage of the system by boldfaced lies that I wrote a letter to Paypal stating my utmost imaginable dissatisfaction with the situation, especially since I could not follow the original ebay principle of sorting these people out by negative feedback because he would have rebutted with a negative feedback about me.

I was very amazed to receive a phone call from a Paypal executive, speaking english, listening to me, understanding the situation, and above all having the authority to make decisions.

I learned that even if one cannot leave a negative feedback for those obvious reasons ebay tracks those people who abuse the system and they do take firm actions if necessary.

I was ultimately satisfied with the results.

Should someone doubt me: I am not a Paypal employee, this is really the truth.

Posted: September 4, 2013 at 5:50 pm

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