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PayPal’s seller protection advice is to file a Police report

I’ve recently sold a valuable 24 year old comic book to a fraudulent buyer via my web site. The comic was in near mint+ condition yet this buyer upon receipt of the item informed me that one staple was detached from the cover of the book. He insisted that a give him a significant partial refund which I refused knowing that his claim was nonsense.

I had photographed every page of that comic right before sending it to him to have a record of it’s condition and not one of these photos showed any type of problem with any of the staples. He filed a Paypal claim against me saying the item was significantly not as advertised. I explained the situation to Paypal and uploaded three photos to them which showed that the staple problem he mentioned did not exist.

Paypal got back to me with the verdict that the buyer must return the item to me in the same condition as he received it and upon my receipt of this item I must refund him 100% of his payment. After furnishing Paypal with visual evidence of the true condition of this item how do they determine that the buyer is correct and should get a full refund? I believe the buyer has another copy of this comic that indeed has a detached staple. He will keep my high grade copy that I sent to him and return his lower grade copy to me and get all of his money back. I voiced my theory of what was happening here to Paypal and all they told me was that if I didn’t get back the same exact comic book I must go to the police and file a report. They gave me no guidance on how to do this.

I’m an American living in Brazil with only limited Portuguese speaking competency. The police here don’t speak English and probably have no experience with Paypal problems involving an international transaction (from Brazil to the USA). What can I do? Where’s my seller protection?

Posted: July 28, 2015 at 8:10 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal’s seller protection advice is to file a Police report
  1. Brad on

    I am dealing with a very similar situation… but I was held to honour the refund which PayPal debited from my account… and the seller has not sent me back the merchandise… over $3500… the sale was made 10 months ago. How is this possible! This is a dream come true for any scammer.

    Could I legally assemble a business plan based around this loop hole… maybe I will get a small business loan to get an army of people on this… I seriously doubt it!

    • pet angels on

      We have a small shelter of taking care of animals, we take them out from streets, we feed them , we treat them , we take them to the vet and find them owners.
      Recently paypal closed our account because “we sell sexual content on skype” thats BS because we dont, we just recive donations from pet lovers all around the world for food, treament and care.
      We did all that paypal asked us, we uploaded documents, proofs, verify account and when i wanted to withdraw bang they limited, i completed the steps for unblocking they unblocked my account and then i wanted to withdraw again then bam another permanent limitation that can’t be appealed.
      Paypal is playing with us, and we have a cat in surgery that lost his eye being hit by a car and the costs are enormous and we cant handle them by ourselfs so thats why we asked for paypal help but instead they closed it and acused us and they are helding our money for 180 days.
      A lot of poor souls will be lost because of this.