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Paypal’s verification requests are absurd

PayPal has put a limitation on my account and is asking for ID verification after several years of having the account in good standing. Per their request, I sent my photo id, a copy of a bill showing my current address, and a copy of an official unemployment letter from the California EDD office clearly showing my full SSN. This morning I receive notice that it’s not enough, and they want me to go down to Social Security to get a replacement card. I’ve done that twice in last 6 months and have never received a replacement card, and will not go down there again. I am not allowed to accept any deposits into my account (why not withdrawals?). I will miss the first paycheck in 2 years coming up at the end of this month because of this, and will not be able to pay my rent.

Posted: March 18, 2013 at 6:31 pm

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One thought on “Paypal’s verification requests are absurd
  1. Fergus on

    They have just done the same with me. I have a verified account, for some 10 years plus now. Suddenly I am asked for ID etc. My driving license was refused as it is over 6 months old and they will only accept one issued withing the last 6 months. It is approx 5 years old and has another 5 years to expiry. Next up was my army ID, a government issued ID. That was refused because it didn’t state my address. On another phone call they then said it was because I didn’t send an image of the reverse of the card. So I did. Guess what? It was refused as it didn’t have any identifying information on it!! No, that’s because it’s on the front! Next up we try a bank statement. It clearly states on the website link they accept PDF files. They don’t. They refused it. I was asked to photograph it on my phone and send that in. I did. It was refused!! This time I receive an email stating it was refused as it didn’t have a date of issue!! It’s last months bank statement. It clearly says January 2013 to February 2013. No says the woman I called, that is the period it covers not the date of issue!! Well it can’t be older than that can it unless Santander are mind reading what I will have in my account in the future! Another phone call and I’m assured it will be looked into. Some 4 minutes after hanging up I receive another email stating they cannot read PDF files and so my account is still frozen! Just what on earth is going on there? Are they all mentally challenged? I phone back and get told that there is nothing they can do if I can’t provide the information they request! I sit here now fuming with these incompetents and at a complete loss as to how to resolve this. You cannot argue with them it seems.