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PayPal’s website is terrible

Hi, I just wanted to report how terrible the paypal website is.

I’m not talking about their services, just the website itself. They make it over complicated.

I’m using the dutch version of paypal ( Half of their website is in dutch, the other in english. Not a problem for me, but sure a problem for many other paypal users who are no bi-langual. But that is just the start. Many links just don’t work. Besides dead links, there are some serious bugs in it too. Certain crucial links I can’t click because I get auto redirected to a “create account” page (as if I am not logged in). Complained to paypal about it, but they seem to dumb to understand. Also, I forgot my secret question answer. Told them. Never got a reply. I cannot even change my password now. How secure is that.

Paypal reminds me of network solutions. A service that everyone used because it used to be good, or it was the only solution and everybody used it. My guess it that the people who run paypal these days don’t give a fuck about anything but expanding their profits. They strategy seems to make maximum profit, without putting usability and customers on first place.

1 Example. If you just want to make a payment with a credit card, paypal forces you to create an account. What kind of bullshit is that? Their service is aimed at forcing people to join, not at providing an easy and quick payment solution. This type of conditional sales sounds like blackmailing to me.

This will be the downfall of paypal. Unfortunately it will take a while, because paypal is to big at this moment.

Posted: December 23, 2014 at 7:15 pm

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