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PayPal Won’t Refund Me

By D. Hersh

I bought 3 bradford exchange figurines on ebay which the seller claimed were in mint condition with certificates of authenticity included and paid $50 through paypal. I paid twice the required insurance rate for the items. The items arrived broken, no certificates and not insured. I filed a complaint with paypal after the seller ignored all contact attempts. 

I provided paypal with all proof including photos and copies of correspondence. Paypal contacted me saying that i had to have the broken items appraised by a professional collectibles appraiser before they would consider giving me a refund.

Turns out the appraisal would have cost $150- 3 times what i paid for the items. When I explained this to paypal they told me quote: “get the appraisal or we will not find in your favor.”

I even tried to contact the seller again and found their phone # disconnected and mail was returned by usps as no such person at that address. so even though i provided all proof and the seller had disappeared paypal found in their favor because I did not have a $150 appraisal done to get a $50 refund. Idiots.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:47 am

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