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Paypal Sided With A Fraudulent Buyer

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous


I put an Auction at Ebay 2 months ago. It was a used Laptop Computer, It hit 14 bids, and received a total amount of $200 fair enough for a used laptop.Winning Buyer used Paypal for paying the Laptop, One day after the Auction ends I shipped the item. 5 days later I checked to see if the item has been delivered, and it was. 20 days after the auction ends Paypal sent me an e-mail saying this guy never received the item, they ask for the tracking information, which i did.

Paypal took $200+S/H from my account because of the pending case. Few weeks later Paypal cancels the case and gave back the money (Thank God), I immediately transfer that money at my bank account and just left $24 to my Paypal Account, because I thought its already over.

Few days later I got an e-mail again from paypal saying about the same dispute case and they want me to submit the tracking number, which I already did. To make the story short it went back to where it all started. And now I received the final notice that they gave back the money to this fraudulent buyer, because I sent the item to an “Unconfirmed Address” (Transaction Processed by Paypal).

Since I have only $24 left on my Paypal Account this fraudulent buyer got only $14 and $10 will be for Paypal fee. Now they are asking me to send money (remaining balance) to Paypal Accounting Dept. PO Box 45950 Omaha NE 68145-0950. They want the rest of the money and this fraudulent buyer got a free laptop.

Pathetic Company. 

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:39 am

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