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People are brainwashed to think Paypal is the best thing since sliced bread

I have been using paypal now for over 8 years and as much as i hate them they do have a huge benefit for pulling in extra sales, especially on websites as people are brainwashed to think they are the best thing since sliced bread, and they are far from that.
Over my years i have been amazed how stupid they really are and how easy it can be to actually open limited accounts by submitting complete made up rubbish to them and they then seem to open the account up, yet on the other hand when i have had genuine accounts shut and submitted proper paperwork they never seem to open those ones up, so they do favor the bad.
I am now at that point where i am looking for good alternatives which i can actually get a better service from and also pay less fees for. I will still continue to use paypal but over the next few years it will become less and less, as they are totally one sided with buyers, and have no idea of customer care or common sense. I even had a account shut once that wanted proof of postage for a invoice that was based for service work on a computer, so there was never anything sent, it was a labour bill, and then i was on the phone for days asking how i can produce proof of postage for that and they couldn’t understand why i could not submit a tracking, honestly they are shocking.

Posted: December 11, 2012 at 5:28 pm

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2 thoughts on “People are brainwashed to think Paypal is the best thing since sliced bread
  1. Ralph on

    Just because it is such a common and well known name does not mean that it is a good company to deal with. With paypal being such a household name people think somehow that they offer protection. Well they don’t. Instead they stole my money and gate the item to the buyer for free. How is that offering protection??? I hope paypal rots in hell.

  2. Andrew on

    paypal is not as safe as they say is. From the buyer prospective, if you run through a scam bag who wants to rip you off and take your money they will do it anyways. Paypal does not have any authority to force a seller to return the money if they dont want to. Sellers can still take the money, deposit them and run away.

    From the sellers prospective, i find paypal to be quite abusive and very disrespectful to sellers. As a seller, i have been selling on ebay for a long time, had a great track of sales. Out of blue, paypal limited my account for no legal explanation given, ruin my sales, ruin my business and destroyed my life forever.

    Overall – I find credit card companies to be more reliable and genuine when it comes to protecting buyers and sellers at the same time. My suggestion is stay away from paypal