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Phone Number Fraud

By Tess

I was recently scammed by a company ModorDie who I met on eBay. After paying their invoice, they became uncooperative. I once the package arrived I realized that they shorted me the majority of my order, and what i did recieve was badly broken. Since i signed for it, paypal closed the case, ALTHOUGH i had contacted Fed ex for a return to sender (Noted in their system as a “REFUSAL”).  I am upset because this was a Pay Pal invoice, and later i have come to find out that the company has been set up primarily to defraud individuals. After conducting an investigation, i have found out that the name and phone number on the pay pal account are fraudulant. I have called my credit card, and the IFCC. It was $400.98 that may or may not be lost :(

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:04 pm

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