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Physically Sick About It

By Katie Pickl

PAYPAL HAS FROZEN MY ACCOUNT! My account was frozen Aug.23rd 2005. A customer paid me $646.10 for my item on July 26th 2005. Yesterday I was informed that he has claimed that his account was charged twice by PAYPAL. If this is true, I have no idea where the second charge went as it did not go into my account! And don’t you think I would have noticed if it did! So now PAYPAL has charged my account $1292.20 & left me with a negative balance of $587.96! I will have to borrow money to ship out all the items that were paid for this week & to pay my bills. I make my living selling on ebay & have 2 young sons to support. I spent close to 2 hours on the phone yesterday & still have not resolved anything. Was told, sorry, try to have a good day & that this could take up to 75 days! I am actually physically sick over this! What a rip~off! Oh yeah, the customer still has my items!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:50 am

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