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Praised by ebay and funds held by PayPal

I have been with PayPal for 12 years- My business has tripled in the last year- I have a 99.9% feedback rating. I just got a certificate in the mail from eBay thanking me for my service and high rating and raised me to a Silver Status!… except 1 thing. Paypal put a hold on my funds and now will not pay me until items are delivered!! Huh???? As you have said, over the years Paypal just takes more and more and eBay now tells sellers how to run their business, and you must comply otherwise no discounts on you selling fees. I need eBay and have built up a successful business. I would love to basically quit paypal for eBay and try any alternative service- I take credit cards at our retail store and will do ANYTHING right now to get rid of the “License to Steal” Paypal account!!!

Posted: November 27, 2012 at 5:35 pm

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One thought on “Praised by ebay and funds held by PayPal
  1. Brandon on

    There is no reason to try and stick it out with paypal because they will screw you in the end, I was a ebay power seller but paypal thought I had suspicious activity on my bank account, not my paypal account my bank account and said they “wished to part ways” so that left me without a way to accept payments for over a week before I fount a merchant account that was ebay compatible.