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Pre order rip off

Beware of Pre ordering on Ebay. I pre ordered a Neca Captain America figure in sept 2012, due to ship in jan early feb 2013. it never arrived. the seller a mr Chris of cool collections does not answer any of my E Mails. All other stockists of this product have shipped there orders. Pre orders on e bay are a scamers delight as many Pre orders take much longer to leave the factory and reach the buyer than the measly 45 days E bay and Paypal offer for protection. after 45 days there is no way you can register your complaint with either E bay or Paypal. you are blocked at every turn. i did eventualy manage to track down E mail addresses for both company’s but i have had no reply from any of them. to make matters worse i typed in Chris’ e mail address at the search for a seller box on E bay and the message said he was still a member but i could not contact him due to no recent purchases from him. Needles to say i would not recccomend either E bay or Paypal to anyone nor will i ever be using them again.

Posted: March 28, 2013 at 7:13 pm

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