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How to prevent getting scammed by paypal on open claim against me?

I just sold a iPhone 4S white verizon carrier through paypal invoice. The phone was unused but in open box and buyer was aware of this. My paypal invoice only stated for item and description “iPhone 4S verizon white” didn’t specify condition, accessories, anything. I didn’t even notice the buyer did this until he rubbed it in my face today when I stated returns not allowed and he said he’d just get his money back from paypal n said I must not know how much paypal stands behind buyers and he will get his refund – but he said “check out the note on my receipt” and he added “new” on his note to seller with payment. Is this going to actually work for him? Is a “note” on a payment considered arguable as the description? He copied my description and put new in the middle of it n just had the personal note on there. I didn’t even notice it. It didn’t ask me to agree to the note or anything. Shouldn’t the description of item only be what the seller noted on paypal invoice that the buyer paid and opening his claim through? I already got a new phone on my account n used the $ for this. Please give me advice on what to do to not let this go any further in the buyers favor? Thank you!

Posted: December 27, 2013 at 7:31 pm

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