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Prevented Account Use

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Dir Sir
In 04-14 paypal limited access my account. they ask me to do a check list

1. Add a credit card and enter Member Number

2. Fax documentation
- Valid photo ID
- Recent statement for any bank account
- Recent statement for any credit card
- Phone or utility bill my address

3. Resolve all complaints against your account

I did all above steps and called them many times and emailed them without any help. this delay and misuse of there policy costs me a lot of damaged. They fake me saying i did not solve disputes regards my account but i did this and in there policy and user agreement do not declare this fake policy

the total amount freezed is $9,609.70
=$15202.69 ( USA dollars )

Please help me to solve this matter at any cost paypal limited access my account and freezed my money also. paypal prevent me to receive or sent any payments from my account as a result

email : for any help

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:57 am

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