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There is always a problem with using paypal

Every time I try to use PayPal with my bank or with my mother’s bank or debit card I always have some sort of BS problem with either PayPal or Ebay. Today I rounded up all the cash I had and deposited it into my checking account so that I could buy a very high end guitar pre amp from ebay. I had perfectly sufficient funds but paypal kept rejecting my debit card saying that it could not be used for the transaction…. I called and the guy was very nice and helpful and told me he reset the paypal account I was trying to use and that the card should work but it still does not. I can use the card anywhere else IRL or on the net but paypal has always had dumb arbitrary rules and I hate ebay for forcing people to use paypal. Can’t they just use their own little system of checking out with credit/ debit cards like almost every other online vendor? This is just ridiculous. By the time I get this crap solved the item will have been sold already and I’ll be screwed. It’s not very often that you find the item I’m looking for even on the internet.

Posted: November 30, 2012 at 5:17 pm

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